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The West & It’s Love for Bollywood:

It was only a while ago when BollyX Dance, a start-up promoting its professional dancing services came on ABC’s renowned show Shark Tank. What ensued was a group of investors grooving to the blasting bollywood music and the start up striking a sweet deal!

Bollywood has transcended national boundaries and people all over the world are embracing the vibrant, cinematic experience it entails. An offshoot of the same is Bollywood Dancing, sweeping people off their feet globally!

Over time, Bollywood dancing has become a thing of the West. They are too smitten with the jazzy music, fine expressions, and energetic foot tapping movements. Bollywood Dance Classes in the Bay area, California are one such phenomena that have actually started to trend. Let’s waltz around to find some of the Best Bollywood Dance Classes in the Bay Area

Grooving Away to Glory in the Bay Area

Bollywood Dance Classes in Bay Area, CA are a true reflection of the cultural potpourri and the diverse intricacies that Bollywood offers.

The heart of Hollywood houses some of the Best Bollywood Dance Classes, with a lot of studios mushrooming out of the Bay Area. If you are living in the Bay Area and want to ace this dance form read further!, As a professional, you can come on board with the team and perform at different events and dancing shows. You may even start a Bollywood Dance school of your own in the future

Gurus of Dance: A Symphony of Bollywood, Entertainment and Dance

Bay Area’s Best Dance Studio is Gurus Of Dance, spanning across five locations namely Dublin, Fremont, San Jose, Milpitas and Cupertino. The founder, Aditya Patel who is also the co-founded NAACH, founded Gurus of Dance 10 years go.  Gurus Of Dance is a power packed entertainment group founded in the year 2009 and having within its fold a vast array of dance programs, with rendition of energetic bollywood moves and signature performances. The dance classes are offered across 5 locations in the Bay Area. With a group of passionate dance enthusiasts, Gurus of Dance has garnered huge recognition to date. From curating some of the best student led Bollywood musical productions to making a starry appearances on Zee TV’s Dance USA Dance, it goes on to inspire and ignite the spirit of nurturing hidden talents.

A Shoutout to all Bollywood Dance Maniacs!

With groovy performances showcased during Splashomania, America’s Biggest Rain Dance Holi Party, Gurus of Dance brings to the west the diverse colours of India. Aditya Patel’s 20 years of experience in creating artistic performances has made the entertainment company stand apart from its counterparts and carve out a place of its own. Be it Bollywood Dance, Folk or Hip Hop, they offer expertise in every dance form there ever can be. The USP of Gurus Of Dance stands in their use of subtlety to fuse Bollywood with any other dance forms without losing the essence and technical details. Every piece of dance, music and drama has a story to tell and offers a deep cultural purpose.

Ending this on a dancing note! We hope you sign up with the Best Bollywood Dance School – Gurus of Dance to further hone your skills and talent, and more so to discover yourself all over again.

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