Past Productions

Aladdin and the Forty Thieves

18th Nov 2017

Alibaba, a poor wood cutter stumbles upon a band of thieves coming and going from a magic cave, filled with gold. Alibaba learns the magic word to open and close the cave and takes some of the gold. Alibaba is forced to share his secret Kassim, his greedy brother. Kassim gets some gold for himself but unfortunately he is killed by the thieves. Before dying Kassim gives Alibaba’s name to save himself. Now the thieves are looking for Alibaba…Will they succeed?


13th May 2017

The story of Joanna is about a small new born seagull and her human friends. It takes place in the future, not so far away though! Most of the birds are endangered because of harmful radiations when flock of seagulls leave Joanna behind in the Bay Area. A group of children decide to nurture Joanna. They will do anything for the well-being of their little bird. They will teach a seagull how to play soccer; They will fight evil villains and they also might teach Joanna to fly.

Adventures of Adhya

5th Nov 2016

Based on the legend of Hua Mulan, this entertaining mix of adventure, humor, music and dance is set in the 1800’s when Krursingh with his wicked ways attacked old Bahadursingh’s kingdom. Adhya, the brave daughter of Bahadursingh, decides to fight this battle on behalf of her father. But before taking down an enemy she must fight the outdated gender norms of the society. A thrilling Bollywood style musical.


14th May 2016

Solaris is the story of a group of six gutsy, adventurous kids who take off on a fun adventure so that can succeed in stopping the sun from rising. Along the way they make friends and brave various dangers and challenges. The only thing that can help them is the Universe. A fun filled Bollywood Musical!


21st Nov 2015

Candy, a young girl who has grown up in this modern, technological age where kids are addicted to their cell phones, their apps, games and social media. Outdoor games like “catch n cook”, “hide n seek”, “dog n the bone”, are obsolete. Welcome to Candyland will take you through an adventure to show you a world you knew existed, but never thought about entering!

Twice Upon a Time

9th May 2015

Twice Upon A Time is a story about three friends and the roller-coaster ride of their adventures in college. Their constant tomfoolery lands them in trouble and through hysterical antics, they escape tricky situations they find themselves in.

World Arts West

June 13 & 14, 2015 @ Palace of Fine Arts

The opening act of ROARRR was chosen at the 37th annual San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival for the Celebration of the Centennial of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition. We performed on June 13 and 14 at the Palace of Fine Arts.

Indiana Zones

8th Nov 2014

Indiana Jones entails the excursions of four kids who join Captain Jack Sparrow on an adventure through India. Their experiences engaging with India’s rich culture and heritage forms the backdrop to this captivating Bollywood Musical. Enjoy this virtual musical ride and time travel to culturally rich and diverse India through their eyes.

Nach Baliye

17th May 2014

Nach Baliye – this Musical highlights the essence of Bollywood Dance and Music and how Indian Cinema is so deeply intertwined with our daily life. There is a song for every situation – happy or sad! There is never a reason required to break into a dance and there is no technique in Bollywood Dance, it’s just a free flow of expression.

Festivals of India

24th Nov 2013

India’s rich, colourful and diverse culture is lined with multiple festivals. Festivals of India is a Bollywood Musical that takes you through these celebrations via Indian Cinema and Bollywood Music. Get an insight into India’s traditions with some foot tapping music and typical dance forms from various parts of the country.

Bollywood Through the Years

11th May 2013

This special musical is a dedication to the 100 years of Indian Cinema. Tracing it’s history right from the silent film era, to the Golden Years of Black and White Movies, further to the Retro Themed films of the 70s. The 80s and 90s saw a mixed genre of action and romance and finally to modern films of the 21st Century! This musical is a feast for the cinema lover.


11th Nov 2012

A light hearted comedy that addresses the daily lives of Immigrant Indians and the various cultural differences that each of us have had to adjust. Pappu’s constant struggles to cope with his Indian traditions and his ability to balance the American way of life brings together a realistic picture that we all are facing today.

2’s Company 3’s a Blast

20th May 2012

Raj, Rahul and Aman – 3 carefree, fun-loving, best friends, following their dreams and living the life in Mumbai city. In the craziness that comes with life, they are about to make a leap in their careers, when an uninvited guest arrives. Who, why or for what reason, no one really knows, but the events that follow take them down a path they’re not quite ready for.

The Spotlight

12th Nov 2011

A story about a person who is struggling in poverty and one day, through sheer luck rises to the pinnacle of success. His success comes with a price as he faces various trials and tribulations. Will he be able to handle his success or will he lose his way in life and crumble to the pressure. Come be part of this 5th spectacular Bollywood musical.

Twice Upon A Time

7th May 2011

A story about three friends and the roller-coaster ride of their adventures in college. Their constant tomfoolery lands them in trouble and through uproarious antics, they escape the tricky situations that they find themselves in. Alas, fate takes an unforeseen turn and plays mayhem in the lives of the inseparable amigos. Can Prem, Ravi and Suman get out of the pretty pickle they are in ? Only time will tell.

Head Over Heels

20th Nov 2010

An adventure and a rip-roaring comedy rolled up into one spectacular dance musical! Meet Raj whose abrupt career change after losing his software job takes him immediately into the trickiest of situations where he finds that the only way to extricate himself requires wits and agility, both of which are not his strongest qualities. But Raj must prevail, as he sets out on this adventure accompanied by two feuding beauty queens – one of whom is stealing his heart.

Aaj Ki Raat

8th May 2010

A mysterious incident brings a celebration to a screeching halt! The what, why, who and how remain to be answered. Will the event resume? The Bollywood Musical “Aaj Ki Raat” is a mysterious joy ride about everything about that one night! An intriguing and captivating Bollywood experience.


21st Nov, 2009

Gurus of Dance brings a unique blend of modern Bollywood dance and drama in this musical production – GuruCool Winter Dance Fest. This production combines dance performances by our students intertwined within a Drama. This is the only production to be done at such a large scale by students. This musical brings together all the elements of Bollywood hysteria and passion to redefine the way we present entertainment.