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Gurus of Dance, an Aditya Patel Company is a home to all the dancers who want to explore the best in them, no matter what their age and experience is. It is a Bollywood dance classes, drama and entertainment company based in Bay area.

It is a platform for dancers, where we learn, practice, teach and compete. Through our dance programs and workshops, we teach our students multiple forms of dance and give them an opportunity to perform at dance events. Gurus of dance also help them showcase their talent and take part in various renowned shows.


With all the hard work, training and practice, we auditioned for USA’s most awaited and biggest competition Dance USA Dance. Our junior and senior team managed to win the Regional competition of Dance USA Dance. Our team’s dedication and steps towards success doesn’t end here. With our G-squad dancer’s impeccable enthusiasm and hard work, we were the ONLY TEAM to win the Semi-Final round with the Golden Pass to directly enter the Finale Round at Broadway, New York. And finally, With our 45 talented Dancers and a Crew of 15, we were the largest contingent to represent Bay Area, California and to win the prestigious Dance USA Dance competition among 150 Teams from 18 states. Our G-squad dancers proved that talent win games, but teamwork wins the heart.


So if you are passionate, driven and looking for the right troupe to reach your dancing dreams, Join our Bollywood dance classes and learn from our G-squad dancers and winners of National championship.


Auditions happening on 18th August. Keep your best dance moves forward.

“Come follow your dreams”

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